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About Us

Over 18 years of providing software solutions


Although Avalus Software was recently founded, the people at Avalus are industry experts. They have been successfully building custom software solutions for clients for the better part of two decades. The tools and processes used at Avalus are refined from all of this experience. They are tailored specifically for building enterprise solutions as efficiently as possible.

Avalus Software was founded in British Columbia Canada. We are a virtual company that allows developers to work anywhere in the world.


Our projects are never black boxes. As a customer we give you the tools to see all
the work being done on your project at any time. You'll know what features are being built, who is working on them, and how long it will take to build them. You decide when you want a new version of your software and what features it should have. You can be as hands on as you want in all of our processes.



Using our in-house AppFoundry software we're able to move from requirements to
implementation in a fraction of the time required using traditional tools. This
allows us to focus on meeting your requirements instead of dealing with technical issues.


We are a company in the cloud with developers working from home all over the world. When you use our services you're not paying for our offices because we have no offices!


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