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Tools that allow you to build the software you need on budget and on time

AppFoundry platform

AppFoundry is a new full-stack end-to-end platform for building enterprise applications in .NET. It reduces the time taken to get from the requirements stage of the software development life cycle to the user acceptance stage. From a developer point of view it replaces as many disparate tools, libraries, and languages as possible with one tool and a unified set of libraries and a common language. It automates many time consuming, boring, repetitive, redundant and error prone tasks. Some features:

  • Supplies an easy-to-use designer for building domain objects and forms. These are designed without writing any code and all database changes for the creation of tables, columns, and views are scripted automatically. The designer also includes versioning of scripts for release management. Even before writing any code the application can be run and shown to users. This includes a full set of default behaviors for domain and presentation logic.This allows for rapid prototyping and demonstration of features.

  • When coding is required the designer generates the starting code for the domain objects and presentation controllers. These are generated as c# classes. When using AppFoundry the only language developers need to know is c#. AppFoundry API’s support all the functions needed to create business and presentation logic. All other languages and technologies are abstracted away.

  • Supplies many of the features typically required in enterprise applications out of the box. E.g. authentication, authorization, logging, error handling, user navigation, validation, record search, record management etc. It also integrates with SSRS and Active Directory if required.

  • Setting up a new development environment can be done in ten minutes.

  • Doesn't replace the tools that work.It does not replace an IDE it just reduces the amount of coding required. It does not replace database tools it just reduces the amount of scripting required.


Check out out our channel on YouTube for more information or contact us for a live demonstration.

A demo version of AppFoundry is also available to try out on github

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